6 Items to Leave Out of Your Resume

Top 6 Items to Leave Out of your Professional Resume Building

There is an abundance of tips, advice and Professional Resume Examples out there about what should be included in your resume, in this clip we have focused on the most important items that shouldn’t be in your resume. As often, this gets forgotten about when people are looking at Professional Resume Building from a Resume Guide

In order to give yourself an edge in a competitive job market you may be tempted to include items in your resume that you feel will make your resume stand out from the mass of other resumes that hiring managers may be getting.

Although making your resume unique and interesting is a great strategy to get noticed, you want to make sure it’s for all the right reasons, and that you’re not inadvertently giving potential employers a reason to toss your application without a call back. Including information that is unprofessional or unrelated to your desire to be employed with the company will only hinder your chances.

Remember, hiring managers are usually time crunched. So if they have to wade through superfluous and unrelated information, they most likely won’t get to the good stuff that says what a great employee you will make and why you’re the best candidate for this position.

Also, remember to skip any extra information that employers are not allowed to ask about. Including these facts in your resume may not only cause discrimination but may put the potential employer in an uncomfortable situation since they are now privy to facts they shouldn’t know, and recent Recent College Graduates should pay attention to this.