Moving you one step closer to where you want to be
Since 2011, Resume Rescue has been taking the headache out of job applications.

When you learn how to write a professional resume, you move closer to your dream job, employers get exactly what they’re looking for – everyone wins.

When writing an application becomes easy, fast and – dare we say it… fun, that’s when dreams start coming true. When you have the confidence to put your hand up for roles that keep moving you towards your big goals, instead of being put off by intimidating selection criteria and sweating over the formatting, that’s when your career can really start to thrive.

Getting an interview is the first step –
Resume Rescue shows you how.

Kylie Dowell
Resume Rescue is the brainchild of Kylie Dowell, HR expert and professional recruiter. In a diverse career spanning two decades in the people management space,

Kylie has sat on hundreds of selection panels for roles in both the private and public sectors and read through countless job applications. Over the years she’s seen even the most intelligent, qualified and enthusiastic of employees come unstuck at the application stage and has seen time and time again how devastating it can be when a ‘shoe in’ for a role becomes a ‘sorry, not this time’.

It was this skills gap that compelled Kylie to create Resume Rescue, an easy to follow ebook that steps you through the entire application process from writing captivating cover letters, to addressing even the most complex selection criteria, and crafting a professional level resume that gets you noticed.

As well as Resume Rescue, Kylie is the founder and CEO of Dowell Solutions, a consulting company providing WHS, HR and OH&S strategy, support and training solutions for small to medium size business. Kylie is also a busy mum to three boys, two of which have applied the tips and techniques in Resume Rescue to successfully secure their current roles.

She is passionate about helping people get one step closer to a career that’s more in line with their skills and abilities and that feels a whole lot more rewarding… no matter where you’re at right now, Resume Rescue will help you take control of your career and get you to where you want to be, faster!

Are you ready to get more interviews, more opportunities and a whole lot more job satisfaction?


Get your copy of Resume Rescue here or find out more about it here.

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