Why Some Struggle To Toot Their Own Horn

In a job market that is infamous for being cut-throat, learning how to simply drop a line about your skills and qualifications while networking is important. If people don’t know what you can do for their company, they won’t hire you. Tooting your own horn is an...

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Why You Don’t Get The Job When You’re Overqualified

Many of you would think that we now live in a more conventionally sensible world, and having more and more qualifications would make you a hot item in almost any industry. However Resume Rescue is here to tell you that there are many, many industries where having too...

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Give Your Resume a Health Check

One of the most common issues that people have who are re-entering the job searching group after a long hiatus is that they have a resume which is obsolete. If you want to get a job these days, you are going to have to do a lot more to your resume than just update it...

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Technology Tips to Help You Get A Job

Getting a job these days often requires a certain amount of technological savvy. If you aren't using your tech smarts, your newly acquired gadgets, or your internet reputation to help get to an exclusive interview, you are already way behind the times. Getting a job...

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What Hiring Managers Don’t Tell Job Applicants

Did you ever wonder what secrets hiring managers keep from the applicants that they have to screen? Although rather controversial, Resume Rescue believes it’s important that we share these with you. This helpful guide will tell you some of the more shocking...

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