What If Applying For A Job Could Be Simple?
Or better yet, fun, fast and successful?
Introducing Resume Rescue
A step by step guide to help you apply for your dream job without losing your mind
Writing a job application doesn’t have to be so hard.
But let’s be honest, for most of us writing cover letters, addressing selection criteria and developing a professional resume is not something that comes easily. And it’s no wonder, we’re usually not taught these skills in school. As a result, the mere thought of updating a decade-old resume can be enough to send the most confident and qualified of employees into a tailspin.

Preparing a winning application is easier than you think. It is possible to get it all done with minimal fuss and your sanity intact. You just need to learn the secrets to successful resume writing, and follow a step by step process that makes it easy every. single. time.



Sure, you could keep slogging away…
Spending ages crafting the perfect cover letter…that doesn’t even get a response.

Sitting up all hours trawling through online job listings… wishing you had a magical decoder to help navigate your way through the labyrinth of lengthy and multi-layered selection criteria.

Knowing you’d totally ace the interview if you could just get your foot in the door…but feeling like your current resume writing skills are seriously letting you down.
And hoping like hell your ‘years on the job’ are enough…because what you’ve written makes you seem completely unqualified.
Or, you could learn the secrets of writing a PROFESSIONAL and SUCCESSFUL resume that gets you noticed and interviewed
(You know, instead of leaving you waiting anxiously for a call that never comes)
… and that gives you the confidence to put your hand up for bigger roles you wouldn’t have applied for previously because you weren’t sure how to fit your awesomeness skills and experience into the selection criteria.
What’s Inside Resume Rescue
This is a 60 page ebook for job seekers who want expert tips and techniques for writing successful job applications. .
It includes templates, formatting suggestions, power tips and much more to help you develop a professional resume, write captivating cover letters and handle selection criteria like a boss

(because if you’re not one already, you soon will be).



What you’ll learn

Resume Rescue covers the key elements of writing your job application including:


Powerful inclusions to drastically improve your resume

4 effective strategies for securing the most suitable referees


The secrets to writing strong selection criteria responses


How to format your resume so you stand out from the crowd


3 simple tips to help you read between the lines and understand selection criteria

3 quick tweaks to make your application easier to read and a lot more engaging

9 power words you must use that will grab any employer’s attention

Easy ways to improve your writing and make you more relatable to employers

It’s time to make your ‘dream job’ your reality.
Kylie Dowell

Meet The Creator of Resume Rescue

Kylie Dowell is a HR expert, the founder of Dowell Solutions Consulting and creator of Resume Rescue.

With a diverse career spanning 20 years in the people management space, Kylie has sat on literally hundreds of interview panels, written and reviewed selection criteria for every position there is, and knows exactly what employers are looking for.

Now Kylie has given up all of her insider secrets to teach you how to write a successful job application so you can apply for any position, and boost your chances of landing that all important interview.

Kylie is passionate about helping people like you gain the confidence and skills to write professional level job applications every time, so you can reach your career goals faster.

Having worked in a range of senior HR, OH&S and WHS roles both within the private and public sectors, Kylie understands the complexities of the recruitment process and knows what it takes to give candidates a winning edge. She regularly mentors job seekers to improve their application writing skills, and has guided hundreds of people to successful interviews.



Since using this book I’ve had four interviews...

Thank you so much for this book! I was applying for so many jobs but wasn’t getting any interviews and I had no idea what I was doing wrong. The book helped me get inside the employer's mind, showing how applications are selected by breaking down and explaining every part of the selection criteria with clear examples. As well as great content, it has templates and a collection of descriptive, positive words you can use to make sure your application stands out from the crowd. This book has revamped my resume and, almost immediately, returned real results. Thank you very much!

George Lumb

This ebook has changed my life!

I didn't realise how terrible my resume was until I started reading the tips in Resume Rescue. Turns out, it was my resume that was holding me back all along! After I rewrote it following the guidelines, I was able to land the job I always wanted. Thank you again, this ebook has literally changed my life!

Tara Roberts



What would it be like to finally land that job you’ve had your eye on for the past few years?

To confidently email your resume off before the due date and KNOW you nailed every question?

To be invited to an interview because your resume impressed the pants off the interview panel?

To do work that’s challenging AND enjoyable? Rather than work that makes you want to go on holiday and never come back?

(Hint: It’d feel freakin’ amazing!)

That’s what learning how to write a resume can do for you.

But how on Earth can you be expected to know what to write when you’re not even sure what they’re looking for?

The job ad is brief and the attached pdf containing the position description isn’t much better. The requirements of the role have been poorly summarised into just a few short paragraphs of company speak and vague ‘high-level’ statements filled with industry jargon and meaningless buzzwords – what does ‘best practice’ really mean anyway?

Don’t worry, it’s not just you.

For a lot of people applying for a job can feel overwhelming at best and completely disheartening at worst. It can make you wonder if it’s all going to be a giant waste of time even trying to apply for the position, especially when you’re getting knock back after knock back – or even worse, no response at all! But it IS possible to write resumes and selection criteria that get you noticed.

You CAN learn techniques that’ll get you to interview stage every time.

When you purchase Resume Rescue you’ll receive instant access to the ebook plus you’ll get three incredible bonuses…

BONUS #1: A Plug and Play Resume Template in Microsoft Word

This amazing bonus is all about the winning formatting and header combinations that make your resume a page turner! You’ll discover how to:

  • Ensure your job application stays intact and on the top of the pile
  • Create a professional looking, easy to read resume
  • Adapt your resume seamlessly for each new application

BONUS #2: Resume Rescue Thesaurus - The Ultimate ‘Power Word’ Guide

In this special bonus you’ll get a list of powerfully persuasive action words guaranteed to catch any interviewer’s eye. These are the words that will take your ho-hum application to oh-wow!

This is a downloadable pdf that you can print out and keep with you whenever you need to find the words to dazzle – you might even find it useful when you’re writing your resignation letter to your old boss 😉

And because two bonuses are never enough….

BONUS #3: A Professional Resume Review - FOR FREE!

When you purchase a copy of Resume Rescue you’ll get a FREE 30 minute call with HR expert and ebook creator, Kylie Dowell, to review either your resume or your selection criteria.

This really is incredible value. Normally you would pay anywhere from $90 to $300 AUD to have your resume reviewed by a professional, but it’s yours FREE. Even if you don’t ever use the ebook or resume templates provided, you are still entitled to a free resume review, which means your small investment of $39 just paid for itself – and then some!

Hiring someone to write your resume for you could cost upwards of $300…

But with Resume Rescue you get everything you need to know to apply for any position… ever, for the low one time cost of just $39!

So, what’s it going to be?

// Keep watching on as friends and colleagues get all the attention and promotions…while you just get progressively more frustrated and unsatisfied in your job?

// Try searching for free (and probably questionable) resume writing resources around the internet and give it your best shot?

// Pay someone else (through the nose) to do it for you..and hope for the best?

Or, will you save yourself the hassle, heartache and hoopla that comes with all of that stuff and get yourself a copy of Resume Rescue?
As always, the choice is yours.
  • Keep watching on as friends and colleagues get all the attention and promotions…while you just get progressively more frustrated and unsatisfied in your job?


  • Try searching for free (and probably questionable) resume writing resources around the internet and give it your best shot?


  • Pay someone else (through the nose) to do it for you..and hope for the best?
Or, will you save yourself the hassle, heartache and hoopla that comes with all of that stuff and get yourself a copy of Resume Rescue?
As always, the choice is yours.



Resume Rescue is for:

✓ Executives

✓ First time job seekers

✓ Tradespeople

✓ School leavers

✓ University graduates

✓ Parent or retiree returning to work

✓ Those willing to follow advice and take action

This may not be for you if:

✗ You’re happy in your current role and have no plans to leave anytime soon

✗ You already have a fantastic resume and you’re certain it’ll get you an interview

✗ You’re a confident writer and you have loads of spare time to spend on your resume

✗ You don’t have time to read the ebook much less rewrite your resume

✗ You’re happy to pay someone whatever it takes to do it all for you

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll get …

Resume Rescue will be your Bible for preparing, writing and completing any job application you’ll ever need to write.

It’s simply one of the most relevant and thorough resources available anywhere online and has helped hundreds of job seekers, just like you, land their dream jobs.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some very happy job hunters had to say…

"I got five interviews from five applications"

Nicole Totani- Alice Springs

"I could not be happier"

Sarah Cummings- Dallas, TX

"Two job applications later I got a job"

M. Erbacher- Tumut, NSW

"Resume Rescue simplifies the process"

P. Shirt- Tumut, NSW

"It gives the exact information required and more"

L. Hart- Tumut, NSW

"It helped me overcome frustrations"

C. Granger- Wagga Wagga, NSW

"My new resume has certainly attracted attention."

Raymond Cowie

"This ebook has changed my life!"

Tara Roberts

"It’s a wonderful guide for creating a professional resume and cover letter"

Jessica Capobianco- Long Island, NY

"Definitely worth the money!"

Patrick Y

"I didn’t even know I was putting the wrong format on my resume"

Michelle Buchannan

Still Got Questions?

Here’s your answers!

What sort of examples of selection criteria does the ebook cover?

Resume Rescue gives more than 50 clear examples of exactly how to address selection criteria in your application. The examples cover customer service, qualifications, driver’s license, verbal and written skills, finance, administrative, problem solving, legislation, and many more.

Can I see what else is in the ebook before I buy it?

You sure can! Just give us a “like” on Facebook and private message us with your email address and we’ll send you the first 6 pages (including the table of contents) for FREE!

Can I use the templates more than once?

You certainly can. Simply save it as a template to your computer and change the name each time you use it. When you have finished you can print it out as many times as you like.

What format does the ebook come in?

The ebook itself comes in PDF format. If you don’t have a PDF reader on your computer you can download one for free from Adobe. The resume sample template, selection criteria and cover letter template all are in Microsoft Word documents, version 97-2003. The documents can also be viewed with Microsoft Works.

How will I receive my copy of the ebook package?

You will receive it as an attachment in an email from Resume Rescue. All you need to do then is save the ebook package directly onto your computer.

Can I read it on my iPad or mobile phone?

Yes, the documents can be read on iPads, your mobile iPhone and any other e-readers that allow you to read PDF and Microsoft Word documents.

Do I need a PayPal account to purchase the ebook from your website?

PayPal will allow you to pay via credit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account. You don’t have to set up an account to be able to do this, just follow the prompts and when it asks for your method of payment select the Credit Card option.

Once I pay for the ebook package how long will it be before I receive it?

When the PayPal payment has been processed you will receive an email advising of this. Once you have received this notification from PayPal your email from Resume Rescue will shortly follow. This email is usually sent within five minutes of your payment being processed.

How many pages are in the Resume Rescue ebook?

The ebook itself is 60 pages. You will also receive three additional documents in the Resume Rescue Package containing templates for resume, cover letter and selection criteria.

What if I enter the incorrect email when checking out?

If this happens, just send us an email and we'll make sure you get your Resume Rescue ebook package.

There’s tons of free information on the internet that can help me write a resume and selection criteria, what makes Resume Rescue so different?

You’re right. There is literally endless amounts of information on the web for you to access, for FREE! There’s even a ton of free stuff on this site that you can download immediately. But honestly, why would you spend hours and hours trawling through everything, (the good, the bad and the sometimes totally incorrect advice) when you can download an affordable resource like Resume Rescue that’s proven to get quality results, and fast!

If I buy the ebook and still need help with my resume, can I contact you directly?

As part of the Resume Rescue ebook package, you will receive a FREE 30 minute telephone review of either your resume or your selection criteria with creator of Resume Rescue, Kylie Dowell. Usually Kylie charges $150 for this service, but the only ‘payment’ we ask is that you share your success story, by way of a testimony or positive feedback on the ebook package so we can publish it on our site.

How do I set up my FREE 30 minute resume review phone call with Kylie?

Information on how to book the review appointment is provided once you have received the Resume Rescue package. This offer is only available to those who have purchased the ebook.

Can the ebook help me with a complex government job application?

It is a requirement that all Australian government positions have a selection criteria that must be addressed as part of the selection process. Knowing how to answer these adequately and provide quality answers is your secret weapon to getting invited to an interview. Resume Rescue can help you prepare a successful government application by giving you clear, detailed examples of how to effectively answer all selection criteria.

I'm an executive looking for executive and professional resume advice, can your ebook help me or is it just for school leavers?

Resume Rescue is suitable for applicants of all levels, abilities and industries. Whether you’re an executive, a school leaver, a university graduate or a tradesperson, this ebook includes all the tips, techniques and templates to write a winning application for any position.

Is the cost of the ebook tax deductible?

You may be able to claim the purchase of the ebook as a tax deduction if you are an Australian resident for tax purposes. However, we advise that you seek advice from your accountant or tax agent first, as this will vary depending on your circumstances. We recommend keeping your receipt of purchase just in case. More information on this can be found here.

I’m a stay at home parent who’s been out of the workforce for the past few years, can your book still help me?

Absolutely! The ebook gives you a step by step process to help you format your resume, address selection criteria and write a compelling cover letter, as well as giving you a full rundown on exactly what to write in your resume. You’ll also discover how to identify and unlock your transferrable skills and how to adapt your resume to each new position you apply for. Not only that, you’ll learn how employers, including government agencies and the public sector, shortlist applications for interview - and having an advantage like that over all the other applicants really is priceless!

Can the resume cover letter template also be used for an Expression of Interest application?

Most definitely, as the main content of the letter remains the same. All you need to do is change the second line that states “Re: Application for (insert name of position)” to “Re: Expression of Interest for (insert name of position)”.

And if you’re still not sure Resume Rescue will work for you...

You’ll be backed by a 60 day, “try it, test it, apply it” money back guarantee.



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