How To Calm Your Nerves For A Job Interview

How To Calm Your Nerves For A Job Interview-Resume Rescue-Kylie Dowell

So you bought our Resume Rescue ebook, you’ve improved your resume so it looks and reads like a professional has written it, you have responded effectively to the selection criteria in the position application and all the hard work has paid off, for you have a job interview. It all sounds fantastic until your nerves start to get a strong grip on you.

Many job seekers fear that they may be rejected for a job because they’ll be too scared or nervous on the day of their job interview. However, being nervous is a perfectly normal human behaviour and in some cases will be an advantage. This is because for some, nervousness can make you sharp and assertive. Unfortunately for many people it’s a disadvantage making you confused and unable to think properly.

There are many techniques to help calm your nerves for a job interview. I will briefly go over some of them below.

Before the Interview

Prepare a list of your achievements: These will remind you of how great you are and will also allow you to easily talk about them during the interview as they’ll be fresh in your mind.

Have a pretend interview: Pretend that you are sitting in the interview room and actually performing to see how professional you are.

Get a good sleep: Feeling rested will help keep you energised and refreshed. This will help calm your nerves and allow you to think properly.

Documents: Make sure that you have everything you need for the interview whether that is your passport, driving licence, or anything else.

The Day of the Job Interview

Eat: The last thing you need during the interview is a rumbling tummy! Try to be wise with your choice of food. Don’t pick food that is too filling or will give too much energy, eat normally.

Remain positive: Fill your head with positive thoughts. Try to feel happy as this will ‘come out’ and pass to all whom meet you. It will also help you stay calm.

Practice: A practice interview again will help remove any doubt and will show you that you’ll be absolutely fine.

Dress code: Dress smart, this will help boost your confidence and will show your interviewer that you are prepared.

Travelling to the Job Interview

Fresh air: Stay outside for a little while to get some crisp fresh air. This will help awaken you and also help calm your nerves.

Have some fresh water: Will help invigorate your senses and help your stomach loosen up if it’s feeling tight.

Time: Try to leave early so you can travel without having to rush so that you can stay relaxed.

At the Job Interview

Positive thinking: Try to remain positive, this will only boost your confidence and help you remain calm as you know that you can do this.

Your phone: Remember to turn this off. The last thing you want is your phone going off in the interview.

Take Slow/Deep Breaths: Try to hold your breath for about 4 counts and then try to take slow deep breaths. This will help regulate the control of oxygen and keep you from panicking.

These tips will help you to reduce your nerves. However, if you’re still panicking a little, try to manage your breathing as it tends to be the most effective. Try to speak clearly and confidently and remember that only you will be feeling what you’re feeling. Others will most likely not notice so if you think you made a mistake just carry on as it’s highly likely that nobody else noticed.

If you haven’t seen our Resume Rescue ebook, check it out here. It’s a step by step guide to help you apply for your dream job without losing your mind.

Good Luck with your interviews and remember we love to hear about your success stories.