Indicators That It’s Time To Find a New Job

Indicators That It’s Time To Find a New Job-Resume Rescue-Kylie Dowell

With the high cost of living these days, it’s easy for people to feel like they should take any job that they have as a gift from god. Although many believe that you should be grateful for having a job during tough times, there are some times when you need to realise that your job may be costing you a lot more than what you are willing to give. Worse still, you might be on the chopping block without even knowing it. Here are some signs that you should dust off your old resume and go job hunting.

You are actively looking for excuses to avoid your workplace. It makes no sense to work at a place that you can’t stand. You spend 40 hours a week or more at your workplace, which means that if you hate your job, the quality of your life is seriously suffering. People who hate their jobs also do not do the best work they can do. If you literally get sick to your stomach and truly dread going to work, do yourself and your employer a favour and look for a job elsewhere.

The environment at your job is getting worse and worse.Sometimes, a job starts out being a great experience but then slowly turns into a living nightmare. If you are noticing that your job’s environment is getting worse and worse, it may be worth your time to look for a new job before you end up finding that the above indicator rings true for you.

Your duties are getting lighter and lighter, rumours of layoffs are floating around, people are no longer willing to try to teach you, and your co-workers stop talking to you. These signs are classic indicators that you are about to be laid off. If you get that sickening feeling in your gut, or if you notice these signs, look for a job before you get the pink slip.

You feel seriously stifled. A job is supposed to challenge you, and allow you the ability to think freely. You need to be able to grow as a person in any career you have. If your job stifles you, you need to switch jobs, pronto.

The amount you are getting paid is no longer actually covering your bills. This can happen to even the best of workers in top notch work environments. Sure, your job may be great, but if you’re about to declare bankruptcy while working a 40 hour week, you need to get a new job. It’s a fact you will have to face.

You really do not feel appreciated by your employers. Do you keep getting passed up for that raise or promotion? Do people openly mock your ideas? If you feel underappreciated, tell them how you feel when you resign from your job for a better paying position in another company. Don’t bother trying to win the approval of a company that simply doesn’t get how much of an asset you are.

There are many reasons why you may need to leave a job, many of which are very understandable. It’s also common for people to feel ungrateful or stigmatised because they are leaving their position, but this should never be the way you feel when looking for a new job. Sometimes, a job change can be the major change in your life that you need in order to grow as a person.

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