Resume Writing Tips

Resume Writing Tips - Resume Rescue - Kylie Dowell

This week I had the opportunity to sit in on some interviews for a client, and where the client shared with me the resumes and applications that they had received and how they had shortlisted. It was disappointing to see how many resumes were presented in an unprofessional manner.

Some resumes had included photos of themselves and yet my client was not hiring models. In some instances the Selection Criteria was not addressed separately as requested in the position advertisement. Whilst several applicants just simply emailed their resume with no message in the body of the email – not even a hi, hello or to whom it may concern. I’m sure that these people just simply didn’t know any better.

So if you take anything from this blog today, take and implement the following tips that will improve your resume and increase your chances of gaining an interview.

1. Don’t include a photo of yourself, unless you are going for a modelling or acting position (we have mentioned this before).

2. Ensure you address the Selection Criteria separately to your cover letter and your resume.

3. Ensure you follow the required process to apply or submit your application. If you don’t know what it is then ask the hiring company.

4. If you’re submitting you application via email, include an opening introduction with a brief message on what the email is for so the receiver can easily identify what it is about. Not only is this courteous it opens the door to conversation and acknowledgement from the receiver.