Stop Ignoring the Selection Criteria!

Stop Ignoring the Selection Criteria!-Resume Rescue - Kylie Dowell

If you are one of those individuals that still ignore addressing the selection criteria in job applications then you need to LISTEN UP!

This past week I sat on a selection panel for a government position and was participating in the culling process. It still surprises and shocks me to see the number of applicants that completely ignored addressing the selection criteria, even though it was requested in the advertisement and the online process of submitting the application.

Due to the omission of the selection criteria, the applicants that did not address the selection criteria were all marked with a 0 and did not get a look in at the interview phase. In this particular instance it was a whopping 65% of applicants.

75% of those applicants who did address the selection criteria were invited for an interview. So you can see how you can dramatically increase your chances of gaining a position if you address the selection criteria.

So if you are one of these individuals that still ignore addressing the selection criteria in your job applications because you believe they are covered in your resume or your cover letter, well you can stop wondering why you are not gaining interviews and start addressing the criteria!

I know writing selection criteria can be tricky so we have some free examples that can help get started when you purchase our eBook.