The Australian Resume

The Australian Resume-Resume Rescue - Kylie Dowell

If you are applying for work in Australia you may have already noticed that it’s not as easy as it may be in your own country to have your resume accepted, reviewed or processed to enable you to be shortlisted for an interview.

This article will help you understand the Australian Resume, its major differences and provide some pointers on how to prepare your resume and yourself for a better chance of gaining an interview for an Australian vacancy.
The Australian Resume is generally longer than other countries and is often more detailed.

The best way to write your resume and application is to as an Australian would. To do this you need to understand the main differences between your own country and Australia. For example: currency, language, spelling, climate, education or qualifications, paper size, etc.

Understanding these will better equip you for making the required changes to your resume, as for wherever there is a difference you need to reflect this difference in your resume to enable you to meet the Australian employer’s expectations.

If a resume is too hard for an employer to understand, interpret or is hard for them to read, it will most likely be discarded.

Resume Rescues main points to improve your Australian resume:

·       Get your numbers correct. Ensure whenever you are using figures, especially currency, that you convert it to the Australian dollar so the Australian employer can easily interpret the amounts.

·       Ensure your contact phone number includes all the prefixes as if it was being called directly from Australia.

·       Always list what type of Visa you have on your resume and understand that it may affect where you can live and where and how much it will cost to send your children to school in Australia.

·       Do not include a photograph of yourself unless you are applying for a modelling or acting position.

·       Australian resumes don’t go into detail about personal information such as marital status, religion, and age therefore it is not necessary to include these in your resume.

·       Be aware of the language you use. For example, the Australian spelling is slightly different to the American and the U.K. and these will be seen as spelling mistakes. Be particularly careful of these following words i.e. organise – organize, colour – color, etc.

·       The general paper size in Australia is A4 – 219mm x 297mm.

For more detailed information that will improve your Australian Resume and job applications check out our blog here.

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