What Are Universal Applications of Employment?

What Are Universal Applications of Employment? - Resume Rescue-Kylie Dowell

Recently Resume Rescue has received a few questions about Universal Applications of Employment (UAEs). So we decided to share the information with you all.

Have you ever wanted to become a foreign diplomat, or an international language teacher in a school in another country? Then you may have come across a Universal Application of Employment, also known as UAEs. What are Universal Applications of Employment used for, you ask? Well, the short answer is that they are one of the only official international job application forms out there.

Most of the time, people who fill out the Universal Application of Employment are applying for jobs within the US and Australian governments, such as diplomat or embassy-related positions. However, other groups use the UAE form as a job application form for their company. This often happens with jobs that require a lot of travel to and from the United States or Australia, as well as with companies that typically like to hire international students for temporary summer jobs or gap years.

Sometimes, you will have to fill out a position-specific or company-specific job application form along with the UAE in order to get the job you want. Other companies may model their job applications along the lines of the standard UAE form, too. So, if you have been itching to try out for a job with Walt Disney Resorts in Florida, you may encounter something similar to the Universal Application of Employment.

People who hold jobs that require a lot of international travel, especially those that require you to work in an embassy, often need to fill out a Universal Application of Employment. This form has the basic questions that you would need to answer in order to be able to give your employers a good idea of what would need to be done in order to allow you to work in the country you choose. It also has a couple of questions about your legal situation, your citizenship status, as well as notifications of your rights as a job applicant. Aside from that, it’s basically what one would expect to find on an international job application – you’ll be required to jot down your employment history, your education, the languages that you speak, any awards you received, as well as any other skills or certifications that you have under your belt.

Unlike many major job application forms, the UAE has to be printed out and filled in by hand more often than not. Many places that require you to fill out the UAE will have copies on hand, especially if they need to make copies of your application. If you are unable to obtain a physical copy of the UAE, don’t fret – there are plenty of printable copies out on the net that are available for download. It’s a good idea to make sure that the UAE that you get is the full version, which is a grand total of 7 pages long.

Overall, the UAE is a very standard application form – nothing too unusual. Still, it can be intimidating having to fill out this job application just because it’s a government form. Even though the thought of filling out a Universal Application of Employment can be quite daunting to some, it’s important to realise that it is still just a job application. Besides, the application is very straightforward as to what you should write down, and also gives you ample space to do so. As long as you are honest on your job application, make sure to write your answers out legibly, and do your best to write a good cover letter, you should be good to go!