What Is A Social Resume?

What Is A Social Resume?-Resume Rescue - Kylie Dowell

Job seekers these days have to pull every ethical trick they can in order to land an interview – especially if they are hoping to snag a well-paid dream job. It’s also becoming increasingly common for those who are working on getting a job to use social media to put their qualifications out there for all to see. After all, that’s what sites like LinkedIn are for, right? Right!

For those who are wondering what a social resume is, it’s a resume that you post on social media sites, or at the very least, are geared toward social media outlets. It’s common for people who have social resumes to link their resumes to multiple social media sites, and to also hype up their resume on their blogs. Either way, the basic definition of a social resume is a resume that is made for the internet to interact with on one level or another.

The benefits of having a social resume are many. First, you will be able to get a lot more people viewing your resume, which means that there will be a higher chance of you getting hired. It also means that others will be able to give you advice on how to spruce up your resume, and also give you positive comments on aspects of your resume that make you appear more qualified for a good position. This means that you will naturally be able to cultivate a better resume by just listening to other employers and job hunters.

Of course, there are other major benefits to having a social resume that aren’t immediately visible to most job seekers. One of the big benefits is that it gives you a better image to prospective employers – especially those who really want to make a big splash in the social media scene. It also gives you the added perk of having a better handle on your online reputation. Not only will you have a better idea about what your online rep happens to be, but you also will be able to have a little more control over it by being able to create your own content to overshadow bad content.

If you want to get a social resume of your own, it’s pretty easy to do. All you need to do is get a LinkedIn account and rewrite your resume to make it more social media-friendly. Next, add a small one-page blurb to your blog, as well as a quick link on your Facebook page. You need to ramp up your social media presence in order to make the best of a social resume. After all, the more that your resume is put out into the social media scene, the better off you will be.

Of course, you can also take your social resume to the next level by adding photos, info graphs, and even video to your pages. Though it is by no means necessary, putting together a biographical video to help show off your better assets may be a good way to separate yourself from the masses. Even adding a couple of photos can help improve your chances of getting a call to an interview if you are smart about your photo choices such as photos of finished products, graphics, websites, etc. Still, the very best way to take advantage of all that a social resume offers, though, is to write a resume that looks and sounds professional, and if you need a little bit of help doing that, you should not be ashamed.

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