Where Did Your Resume End Up?

Where Did Your Resume End Up?-Resume Rescue-Kylie Dowell

Was it like the message in the bottle that was never received?

Did your resume actually reach the recruitment officer or hiring employer?

How do you know for sure?

Did you ever hear back from the employer to say that they have received your application or that you were unsuccessful?

Is it possible that your resume was misplaced, lost or not handed onto the correct person?

These questions are all true possibilities that may occur to your resume and application.
Here are some tips on how to ensure your resume doesn’t get lost and if it does how you can be notified or pick up on it quickly before it’s too late.
These may sound like common sense, however you will be surprised how many people never hear back from a position that they applied for and never follow it up to see where their application got to.

• Always ensure your application is sent by the due date.
• Diary note the day you posted it or the day you personally handed it in.
• If you’re sending it via email, cc yourself in on it and also set the email with a read receipt.
• On the morning of the position closing, call the recruitment officer/employment agency etc to confirm that your application has been received. This way if it hasn’t you can get it there quick smart.
• Give the organisation another 2 weeks and if you still haven’t heard if you have gained an interview call them again and find out where they are up to with the process and if you were successful in gaining an interview.

I hope these tips help you keep track of where your resume ends up and provides you with the confidence to know that is okay to follow up on a job application or a resume that you have submitted.