Who Should Write Your Resume?

Who To Write A Professional Resume

Is someone else writing your Professional Resume Quick And Easy? Find out how this could be harming your chances of getting your dream job.

If you’ve ever seen someone in the uncomfortable position of public speaking when they are trying to read a speech that someone else has written and make it sound natural and like their own, then you can certainly understand why having someone else write your resume can sound like a great idea at the time but can hurt your chances in the end.

When hiring a resume writing company to create your resume you may get a polished Professional Resume Layout Example but in the process you may lose your individual voice and that can hurt you during the interview process. Hiring managers want to know that they are hiring someone that is competent and well suited to the position. Even if the resume wins you an interview it may lose you the job if it becomes apparent that the person presented on the resume and the individual in the interview are not the same person. This doesn’t mean that the company might exaggerate your skills or list things about you that are not true, it just means that by hiring an agency or company to create your resume you may not come across in an interview with the same voice as is presented on paper.

To avoid this from happening take an active role in the writing of your resume so you can make sure that when you get to the interview there are no surprises for you or your future employer.