Why You Don’t Get The Job When You’re Overqualified

Why You Don’t Get The Job When You’re Overqualified-Resume Rescue-Kylie Dowell

Many of you would think that we now live in a more conventionally sensible world, and having more and more qualifications would make you a hot item in almost any industry. However Resume Rescue is here to tell you that there are many, many industries where having too many qualifications or having too much experience can be a hindrance to getting a job.

For many people, nothing is more frustrating than hearing a potential employer say that you are over qualified for the position that you actually wanted to get. But why is being over qualified such a problem? Why do people pass people over just because they are so well-equipped to handle anything that a job would hand them? The answer is a complex one that deserves to be explained.

One of the more common reasons why people do not want to hire an over qualified individual stems from prices. If a person is over qualified, they will typically expect a higher salary or pay scale than a person who is just normally qualified to do the same job. People who have a much higher level of qualifications may also expect better benefits, more vacation days, and more flexible hours – all things which employers are always hesitant to offer newer employees. Although the over qualified individual may do a better and more efficient job, many employers simply do not have the money necessary in order to hire a more qualified individual. So, yes, it may be because the potential employer simply assumes that you want and require a higher salary than they can afford to pay for you.

Another major worry that employers have when it comes to people who have a lot more qualifications than their prospective position requires is that the individual will stay for a short period of time, find a better job that pays more, then leave. The reason why this is such a huge worry is that it happens quite often, and employers do not enjoy having to go through the arduous task of posting job ads, interviewing potential employees, and processing all the paperwork necessary in order to hire them. Unless this is a temp job that you are applying for, you have to go into an interview (or job application) believing that you are going to apply for a long-term job because realistically that is what most employers are offering.

A third issue that employers have when they consider hiring an over qualified candidate is that they wonder why they are asking for a job that doesn’t suit their list of qualifications. It seems suspect to some who work at HR, that a person would be willing to take a lower ranking job when they have achieved a high level of success in that particular field. Even though the economic slump is usually a reason why people may apply for jobs that they are over qualified for, there is a small chance that a potential candidate may have a less than savoury reason as to why they are applying for a lower ranking job. And, once a person is hired, it can become very difficult to fire them. Because it is so risky for any company to take on a new employee, many employers do not want to hire over qualified individuals lest they find out the hard way why they were let go from their last job.

While job searching, it’s important to realise that you will actually boost your chances at getting a job quickly by looking for jobs that you are qualified for. No one likes to hear the painful compliment of being told that they are over qualified for a position that they need, so avoid it if you can.

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