How to Write a Resume Cover Letter

How to Write a Resume Cover Letter- Resume Rescue - Kylie Dowell

Your resume cover letter is generally the first document that is seen and read when your application is received.

The first impression they get from looking and reading your resume cover letter sets the mood for when your resume and selection criteria are read and processed.

Prior to writing your resume cover letter ensure you have checked the application requirements of the position with the employing organisation as sometimes they are not required and this is often the case for online applications. Other times they are required to be hand written.

There are many templates and companies out there that can provide you with a cover letter however, it is important to understand what their purpose is and what your cover letter should include.

The purpose of a resume cover letter is to introduce you to the employing organisation and to provide a brief outline of your ability and suitability to fulfil the position that you are applying for.

Your resume cover letter should include the following:

·         Your contact details

·         The date of writing the letter

·         The company contact name and address details

·         A statement of the position you are applying for

·         A brief statement on your suitability for the position

·         A brief statement on the type of person you are and your interest in the position

·         Your signature

You need to aim for at least one page and try to steer clear of doubling up on the detailed information that may be covered in your resume or selection criteria.

Keep your resume cover letter brief and to the point, relevant to the position and easy to read. Keep your font consistent and don’t be tempted into using coloured borders or pictures.

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