Technology Tips to Help You Get A Job

Technology Tips to Help You Get A Job-Resume Rescue-Kylie Dowell

Getting a job these days often requires a certain amount of technological savvy. If you aren’t using your tech smarts, your newly acquired gadgets, or your internet reputation to help get to an exclusive interview, you are already way behind the times. Getting a job is a more technological endeavour than ever before. Not very tech savvy? Don’t fret. Resume Rescue has these quick tips that will help you get a job faster than ever before.

1.      Get your internet reputation squeaky clean. Got photos on Facebook that show off your partying habits? Do you have less than savoury articles about yourself out on the net? The easiest way to get skipped over when being invited to an interview is to have an internet reputation that makes it seem as if you aren’t hardworking, loyal, or serious. Do yourself a favour and go on a personal crusade to make sure that your internet reputation is as good as you want it to be.

2.      Use LinkedIn, Google Plus, and similar sites as a springboard for networking. Networking is everything in this day and age, so why not use the wonders of technology to improve your chances of meeting the right person to put in a good word for your job hunt? The more you reach out to people, the more people will reach out to you.

3.      Get published online. If you want a quick way to make yourself stand out in the job hunting market, publish some articles or books online. This will not only make you appear to be an authority on a certain subject, but it will also make you appear more goal-oriented, professional, and hardworking – all excellent traits to show while seeking out a new career. This is also a good way to flaunt hard-earned knowledge in a field that you want to break into.

4.      Turn off the mobile phone. If you want to make a dummy of yourself while attending a job interview, keep your trusty mobile phone on, and by your side. As much as technology can be a friend in your job search, a buzzing mobile phone can be a major foe. Manners still count. Show some manners and respect with your potential employer – shut off that mobile!

5.      Sharpen your tech skills for your resume. If you don’t want to be made redundant or obsolete, you need to make sure that you have top of the line technology skills that you can put on your resume. If you don’t have good skills, consider enlisting in a telecommunications, information technology, or computer programming class at your local community college. It’s a cheap and effective way to improve your resume while avoiding common pitfalls in this ever changing job market. (This is an especially smart move for office admins, marketers, and other similar job positions).

6.      Learn when to shut your internet pie hole. If you want to seriously harm your chances of getting a job, make sure to post rude commentaries about your prospective employers on your social networking sites. Don’t let others know when you go to job interviews. Instead, make it seem as if you are going on your own endeavours, and that you are discreet when it comes to making note of some companies’ off-colour behaviour. More often than not, this positive, smooth, and respectful attitude will gain a company’s trust a lot more frequently than a loud-mouthed, cocky, desperate, or rude remark casually made on sites like Facebook. And, if you really can’t help but make a snarky comment, don’t put it on public mode, okay?

7.      Find and use Apps to help you. With the evolution of applications for smart phones, iPads and tablets there are hundreds of applications that can help you search your local job market, track your resume, prepare you for interviews, even help you with what you should wear.

So there you have 7 great technology tips to help you get a job, that are also weatherproof meaning you don’t have to be buying all the local newspapers as most of them are now published online, or visiting all the employment agencies as all of their positions are also now posted online.

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Do remember that technology constantly changes, therefore when it does we need to be quick to adapt to the change also.

Good luck with your job hunting and don’t forget to let us know of your success stories.